The Neighborhood Farm, LLC

An all natural, market garden at historic Mainstone Farm

Corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Rd, Wayland, MA

2009 Photo Gallery

  Removing the sod at a new garden site

Removing the sod to prepare a new garden bed
  the sodcutter

The sod cutter
  rolled up sod

Rolling up the sod
  rolled up sod

These sod rolls are really heavy!

Seedlings for our spicy salad mix
  beet seedlings in the greenhouse

Beet seedlings with beautiful red stems

  inside the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse in early March
  recently seeded flats

By the first day of spring, over 100 flats were seeded
  recently seeded flats

These flats will have onion seedlings in the them
  new garden site

A new garden site on a rainy February day
  the uber tuber

The Uber Tuber - celeriac and parsnips
  the uber tuber

Friendly produce
  drilling holes for the maple tap
Drilling the hole in the sugar maple to insert the tap
  inserting maple tap
Knocking in the tap with a rubber mallet
  supplies for tapping trees
Wagon filled with enough taps and bags for all 7 trees on Kingsbury St

  inside the collection bag
A side view of the collecting bag and the tap
  new garden site for 2009
A new 2009 garden site photographed in January
  row cover
Row cover over hardy crops

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Repotted tomatoes

Our first tomato seedlings are in bigger pots now.  These seedlings will be grafted - an heirloom seedling will be grafted onto a different variety's roots.  Check back in a couple weeks for an explanation of this!

Repotted tomatoes

Mortgage Lifter and Maxifort planted together for grafting

salad mix
"Allison's Favorite
Spicy Salad Mix"

cabbage seedlings in greenhouse

Seedlings in some round plug trays.

label of the Uber Tuber

Creative produce projects - build an Uber Tuber

the uber tuber
Decorative now, and makes a good soup later

bag to collect syrup
The collecting bags hang off of the taps

dripping sap
Sap dripping out of the tap and into the collecting bag