The Neighborhood Farm, LLC

An all natural, market garden at historic Mainstone Farm

Corner of Old Connecticut Path and Forest Hill Rd, Wayland, MA

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2010 Photo Gallery

Flooded Charles River near the garden

The flooded Charles River *just* downhill from a garden site filled with garlic!

The river as seen from the garden

The Charles as seen from the garden.  That black box is a bee box.   The bottom of it is submerged.  Luckily it is raised off the ground.  Behind the box is a kayaker making the most of the swift current.

Garden site after big rain

A garden site after a heavy rain.  Even with mulch and cover crops, its a lot muddier than it was before.

The garlic emerging in VERY early  March

The first garlic emerging in VERY early March.

Checking out a potential garden site

Checking out a potential garden site in early March.